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The Jest Is On All Ogun People – Akinlade Replies Those Mocking Abiodun Over Leaked Video

A governorship candidate in Ogun State, Hon. Adekunle Akinlade, has condemned the leak viral video of Governor Dapo Abiodun where he was fumbling over some speech recorded for a scheduled television broadcast.

According to Akinlade, the viral video where the governor was correcting some blunders in the speech prepared for him shows how much sharp the governor is and he shouldn’t be ridiculed for such an act. He released a statement as he reacted to the video.

The statement read:  “Although, we do not share the same vision for the State which is based on principles, we both share a common heritage which is Ogun State”. So to encourage or join anyone in making jest of him is as good as making jest of Ogun State and by extension, ourselves.

“All over the world, leaders and heads of governments do what we call “preps” before any live broadcast. We have bigger issues confronting us as a people. Bandits are kidnapping and raping our women, killer herdsmen are ravaging our lands across Ogun West, men of the Nigerian Customs Services are killing us unabated, road infrastructures are collapsing across the State, and we are here reposting PDA’s prep video.

“My dear good people of Ogun State, we cannot afford to take our eyes off the ball. Considering how we got here, it is almost understandable for us to “celebrate” any slip by our tormentors but in the end, it is our determination and victory that will heal our pains, not their sorrow.

“We must as a people call upon the government to stand up to its responsibilities by providing adequate security for us. We must be vigilant and steadfast in our resolve to survive this mayhem enveloping our lands. Ogun State is all we have, preserving it should be a collective effort. God bless us all,” 



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