The Galaxy A54 just got the October 2023 security Patch

Samsung Galaxy A54 black and white.webp

The Samsung Galaxy A54 is the latest premium mid-range phone from the company. As with all modern Samsung phones, it’s going to be getting software updates for quite some time. The October security patch is making its way to Samsung’s devices, and this includes the Galaxy A54.

As with any security patch, you’re able to check for it by going to the settings. In the settings, go to the Software update section. There, tap on the Download and install button. Your phone will search for the update and install it for you. Just make sure your phone is charged.

What’s in the October 2023 security patch for the Galaxy A54?

Since this is a security update, you shouldn’t expect any new features or major changes. These patches are to patch up the vulnerabilities that your software has. These vulnerabilities make it possible for bad actors to bypass your phone’s security and access your phone’s data. So, while it’s not a fancy feature drop, it’s still extremely important. Install it at your earliest convenience.

This version of the software has version number A546VSQS5AWI1, and Verizon was the first carrier to start rolling it out. It brings fixes for 12 vulnerabilities specific to Samsung’s phones. One of those vulnerabilities would let attackers execute code on your phone remotely. While vulnerability requires the attacker to have physical access to your phone first, it’s still a scary thought.

Along with the issues affecting only Galaxy devices, this patch also fixes several vulnerabilities affecting Android phones in general. There are typically more issues affecting Android in general than Galaxy-specific issues.

If you don’t see the update just yet, then you might want to wait just a bit. The update might not be available for your carrier or your region at the moment. You may need to wait just a few days if that’s the case.