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The FNAF Movie Ending's Letters Spell A Creepy Message – But What Does It Mean?

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Assuming that the Puppet is the character saying, “Come find me,” then it’s likely that Blumhouse Productions and Scott Cawthon are completely altering the character’s backstory. In the games, the Puppet is possessed by Charlotte Emily, the deceased daughter of William Afton’s ex-business partner, Henry Emily. Two of those three names did not appear in the “FNAF” film whatsoever, despite one of them engineering the main animatronics. No, if the Puppet is saying, “Come find me,” then the marionette is probably possessed by Mike’s (Josh Hutcherson) younger brother, Garret (Michael P. Sullivan).

“FNAF” is almost certainly getting a sequel. Aside from the fact that Matthew Lillard has signed a three-picture deal, the film literally made over ten times its budget at the box office. If Blumhouse and Cawthon are setting up another project with this code, then it wouldn’t make much sense for the creepy message to reference multiple new characters at once. There has to be an anchor somewhere in the familiar, especially for audiences that haven’t played the games or explored the lore. And making Garret the Puppet keeps the narrative focused on a core cast of characters.

If Garret is the Puppet, then saying “Come find me” is his way of pleading with Mike. Remember, Mike discovers that Afton kidnapped Garret, but he never actually located his little brother’s body. Both brothers need that closure and it gives Mike an excuse to dig around Afton’s history, which in turn gives Blumhouse and Cawthon an excuse to dive into some deeper lore pulls.