The first Pixel Watch should get Wear OS 4 soon

google pixel watch AM AH 09 1

With the launch of the Pixel Watch 2 Wear OS 4 is official and it should release on the original Pixel Watch before too long. At Google’s annual Fall event on October 4 where it revealed the rollout of Android 14 and two new Pixel phones, the company didn’t mention exactly when Wear OS 4 was coming to the older device.

But as 9To5Google points out the company has given users a general time frame to look forward to. Google briefly highlights availability over on the Android Developers Blog. Confirming that Wear OS 4 will release for the original Pixel Watch later this year. That’s all of the detail on timing that Google is forthcoming about. But there isn’t much time in the year left. So an official release can’t be too far out from now.

There’s a good chance in fact that Google may push the software out well before the end of what’s left of the year.

Wear OS 4 on the Pixel Watch 2 signals the software is now stable

Even though Google doesn’t mention an exact release date it would be surprising if it wasn’t rather soon. Confirming that the software update is coming later this year for Pixel Watch shows it’s coming sometime within the next few months. But Google also confirms that the software is now stable. That suggests Google doesn’t have much work left to do with it. And if there’s really no stability left to work on, Google is probably shoring up the rollout. Putting the finishing touches and polish on the update before it sends it out to users.

Outside of the Pixel Watch, Wear OS 4 is only available on Samsung’s Galaxy Watch smartwatches via the latest One UI Watch update. But that still leaves tons of watches from other manufacturers. And right now there’s no word from Google on what watches from those brands will get the bump.