The Executive Chairman Udi Local Government calls for a Major Reduction in our Daily Use of Cash, to Curb the Menace of Kidnapping in Nigeria

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The Executive Chairman of Udi Local Government, Hon Nze Philip Nnamdi Okoh Umunna’nwezue’aku, made a call yesterday 29/11/2023 for a major reduction in the use of cash for transactions in this country. He explained that if huge cash exchanges were to drop to the barest minimum, such an action will make the menace of kidnapping in Nigeria a thing of the past. Hon Nze Philip Okoh made this call while he hosted a Team of Personnel and Trainees of the Nigerian Armed Forces Command and Staff College.

This August visit, according to the Team Leader Col Adejoro, is a research and fact finding mission. Adejoro emphasized that Udi Local Government is among the locations they are visiting, because of the peculiar importance and popularity of Udi. The exercise which is tagged “Exercise Nigerian Study Tour”, has the theme, “WHOLE GOVERNMENT/SOCIETY APPROACH IN COMBATING CONTEMPORARY INTERNAL SECURITY CHALLENGES FOR ENHANCED OPERATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS”.

The Leader of the Armed Forces Contingent Colonel Adejoro explained that the engagement, is structured into a Research Effort by Students/Trainees of the Armed Forces Command and Staff College which in this particular instance, refered to students of Senior Course 46, who are on a one year mid career training.
An interactive session between the guest contingent, Udi L.G.A. Executive, Udi L.G.A. Legislature and Community leaders as, Udi Traditional Leaders and Udi Presidents General.

In the course of this critical engagement, several participants reported varying degrees of security challenges faced by our people within our communities and suggested a number of possible solutions.

Notably, the Chairman of Udi Local Government Traditional Rulers’ Council Hon Justice Ken Ezeike RTD, commended the Executive Chairman for very many laudable interventions of his, with regards to the security of the lives and properties of Udi people. He further suggested that the Federal Government, mobilize military personnel to get involved in the training of our Local Vigilante, for enhanced effectiveness.

The Executive Chairman of Udi Local Government while making his remarks, summarily articulated several efforts made by Udi Local Government under his watch, in the area of security.
Hon Nze Philip Nnamdi Okoh decried the dire situation which the Third Tier of the Nigerian Government contends with, particularly referring to his own Udi Local Government.

The Chairman got emotional while pointing out to his guests that, there was no point bitting about the bush with regards to the fight against insecurity especially, the menace of kidnapping.
He emphasized that kidnapping has unfortunately become fashionable and lucrative for armed criminals in our Country Nigeria.

In view of the foregoing, Hon Nze Philip Nnamdi Okoh Umunna’nwezue’aku, vehemently made a passionate call on the Federal Government of Nigeria, through the Armed Forces Delegation.
He urged the Nigerian Federal Government to introduce a policy that will reduce the volume of cash exchange in Nigeria. In his words “if there is a policy which provides that no individual or corporate entity, can draw more than 50,000.00 (Fifty Thousand Naira, only) daily, either over the counter or via the ATM, this reduction in the availability of cash, would end the menace of kidnapping”. According to him, any transaction with a value exceeding 50,000.00 (Fifty Thousand Naira Only) daily, should be performed through electronic / mobile transfer.

The Chairman virulently declared the conviction that if Nigeria operated an economy where exchange in cash is low, this kidnapping menace would die a natural death.

In the Executive Chairman’s opinion, a daily cash access of 50,000.00 (Fifty Thousand Naira Only), should suffice for any immediate cash need. He added that such a policy would ultimately also improve our economic condition, by saving the quantum of money spent to provide cash.

In conclusion, the visiting Team was led round the Council to witness the Ultra Modern 2,500 Capacity Hall and the High Court Building being constructed by the current Udi Local Government Administration under Hon Nze Philip Nnamdi Okoh Umunna’nwezue’aku.
The Chairman pointed out once again the need for citizens to feel safe while visiting Udi to use these facilities, upon their completion.
The Leadership of the team expressed the delegation’s pleasure for our Chairman’s outstanding performance, magnanimity and disposition for convivial hospitality.

It is our hope that this passionate suggestion of the Executive Chairman of Udi Local Government be headed to by Nigeria’s Federal Government, promptly enough to culminate into a safe Nigeria.

Ozo Fred C. Onyia
SPA to the Chairman on Media and Public Enlightenment.