The Division Resurgence is getting another beta test this month

The Division Resurgence Regional Beta 2 jpg.webp

The Division Resurgence – Ubisoft’s mobile game adaption of the popular PC and console looter shooter – is getting a second regional beta for Android and iOS users and it begins this month. In fact it begins a lot sooner than you may think.

Ubisoft today has confirmed that a new regional beta will begin officially on November 16 which means it starts next Thursday. For those that haven’t already done so, you’ll want to pre-register for your chance to check the game out prior to its launch. And the sooner the better. There’s no evidence that registering earlier gives you a better chance at getting in. But it can’t hurt to get it out of the way. If for nothing else, to ensure that you’ve remembered to do it while it was still fresh in your mind. If you want to pre-register you can do so by heading to the official website.

The Division Resurgence regional beta includes three countries

Since this is a regional beta it won’t be available to players everywhere. That’s an unfortunate detail of many game launches these days, but keeping the tests small likely makes it easier for the developers to keep an eye on player feedback and address any issues if they come up. Then when things are where the developers want them to be, there’s a better chance of an open beta happening and including more regions. For this beta Ubisoft is going to send out invites to players in the US, Brazil, and Australia where the first beta was available.

Note that if you’ve already registered and simply didn’t get into the first beta, your registration is still good. As it counts for any future tests.

What to expect in this beta test

When it comes to content this test will include more playable activities than the last test. Namely the campaign, where players will be able to check out the game’s main story up to the eight mission.

It will also include side quests and other open-world activities which can be done solo or in co-op. In addition to these activities this test will include the Dark Zone and Conflict mode will be available. The Dark Zone is a PvP area of the map where you can encounter other players, and is best experienced in groups, mainly due to safety.

In the PC and console versions of the game, the Dark Zone was only available to high-level players. As it was meant to be a piece of end-game content where you could acquire some of the best loot. But it was a tough as nails area that wasn’t easy to get in and out of by yourself. Unless you were already kitted out. Expect the same out of the Dark Zone in Resurgence.

There will also be a new Lone Wolf Challenge mode for players to check out. So by the sounds of it there’s a ton of content to dive into once things go live next week.