The Black Shark S1 is the smartwatch for mobile gamers

Black Shark S1 Smartwatch 4 jpg.webp

Xiaomi’s Black Shark brand has been a smaller mainstay in the mobile gaming phone market for a few years, but now its expanding outward and entering into the smartwatch market with the release of the S1.

This is technically a smartwatch for mobile gamers. Because it comes from a brand that up until now has been entirely focused on mobile gaming. But beyond it coming from Black Shark, the S1 smartwatch doesn’t seem to have anything inherently “gamer” about it. Although it does have the occasional gamer-centric feature here and there.

For the most part, the S1 is just a smartwatch with all the telltale features of what you would expect from one. Like activity tracking. There are over 100 built-in sport modes to keep track of your workouts. Plus the watch has built-in sleep monitoring, a heart rate sensor and more. Additionally, Black Shark is only selling the watch for $49.90. Which by all accounts is a steal if you wanted smartwatch basics without a lot of extra bells and whistles.

In terms of specs it carries a 1.43-inch AMOLED display, 10 days of battery life, 24-hour health monitoring, and it’s IP68 certified.

The Black Shark S1 smartwatch can monitor your heart rhythm during game time

While mostly just a decent looking budget smartwatch, the S1 does have at least one gaming tie-in. It can monitor your heart rhythm during gaming sessions. But it will also monitor your heart’s natural rhythm during waking hours and while you sleep too. In recording the rhythm during those times the watch aims to help you find a balance between them. With the overall goal being to assist you in maintaining healthier sleeping habits.

Additional features include camera controls, a stopwatch, message notifications, a world clock and more. While not jampacked with features, it includes the necessary ones. And at under $50 what more could you ask for. You can buy the Black Shark S1 starting today directly from Black Shark’s website.