The ‘BBNaija’ house is like a different kind of prison – Seyi Awolowo

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Seyi Awolowo discussed his stay in the house in an interview with media personality Toke Makinwa.

She pressed him on his most divisive claim made in the house—that he would let his sons run trains on other people’s daughters—which was the subject of her questions.

He emphasized that he was unaware that he had used those remarks when Toke Makinwa questioned his reasoning at the time.

He said:

“I did not know when I said it, I was in a rant. Being in the Big Brother house, it’s a different kind of prison, you know when you agree to extreme conditions, you tend to underestimate the term ‘extreme conditions’ and I think I was at my breaking point at that time”.

Then Toke Makinwa persisted, questioning why he consented to appear on the program a second time if it was so extreme. Seyi Awolowo then revealed his motivation, which was to promote himself and raise money for his future endeavors.

“Life is a double-edged sword, if you don’t take the risk how would you know you go and then in these times you always you always go for an opportunity to make yourself one sellable top-of-mind awareness more marketable. At the time I didn’t have any projects I was working on and I was open to marketing myself a whole lot better so that I could be able to raise funds for my own works that I wanna do. I’m tryna market myself,” he added.

Seyi Awolowo made his television debut in the Big Brother house in 2019, during the show’s fourth season. The All Stars season, however, saw the opposite of him as a result of his disparaging remark, for which he earned a lot of reaction.

See interview below: