The Android 14 code name is here, and it's upside down cake!

Android 14 Logo Black 1 AH

Android 14 just launched, and its code name is upside down cake, which is quite surprising. Pixel fans are already getting this software update on their devices, however, the code name is still yet to sit well with some folks. Over the years, with each Android upgrade, a dessert code name is given to each entry.

For this year’s Android software release, the code name is upside down cake and the Android guy gets a bit acrobatic. Last year, with the launch of the Android 13 version, the update’s code name was Tiramisu and, as with other years, it was also a dessert. Similarly, this year’s software update also comes with a dessert code name that some people might not be familiar with.

The name ‘upside down cake’ isn’t Google trying to joke around but an actual dessert. This naming pattern is quite similar to that of last year, as some people weren’t aware of what a Tiramisu was. Aside from giving the Android 14 an upside down dessert name, Google also let the green statue explore its acrobatic side.

The green guy does a handstand following the surprising Android 14 code name

In a recent post on X, user and VP Engineer at Android, Dave Burke, let fans know the Android 14 code name. Not only did he give fans the code name, but he also shared images of the updated statue. In the image, users can see the big green robot doing exactly what the code name says by standing upside down.

This new statue is unlike the one from last year, which was a swing that looked like the number 13 lying on its side. For this year, Google had the big green guy show off his acrobatic side with a handstand. The green guy does the handstand on top of the upside down cake dessert, which is the Android 14 codename.

If you’re wondering what an upside down cake is, well it’s just a cake that one bakes upside down. Instead of placing the toppings on top of the cake, it’s put facing the bottom of the pan. Once it’s ready for serving, servers turn the cake over to reveal the topping.

Already, Pixel users are getting the Android 14 update on their devices, and it comes with a ton of upgrades. If you own a Google Pixel smartphone from the 5a upwards, you can install this update now and start enjoying the upside down cake goodness. You’ll find the update page in your device settings under ‘System’ and then ‘System update.’

If you don’t wish to go through this long process, then you can wait to get the update notification. Other Android smartphones will also start getting this update soon for users to benefit from. There are a ton of improvements with the new software update that will improve the overall user experience.