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Tajikistan Work Permit and Visa 2023 | Cost, Eligibility, Agencies, Processing time, etc

Tajikistan, an Asian country with a developing economy, offers various opportunities for growth to international companies planning to expand or outsource operations. Like any other country, Tajikistan has a unique set of laws and regulations for international companies that choose to do business there. If companies are planning to relocate some of their existing employees to Tajikistan to ease the transition, one of their first tasks will be obtaining the permits and visas they need to work in the country legally.

However, foreign nationals who wish to travel to Tajikistan have a variety of visas available to them. Some common visa categories include Diplomatic, Investment, Business, Working, Tourist, and Educational visas. A working visa, or M visa, lets the holder travel to Tajikistan to work for a locally registered company.

Overall, any foreign citizen who plans to live and work in the Republic of Tajikistan will need to obtain a working visa. The same goes for any family members who plan to travel with them. In addition to the working visa, foreign employees will also need to obtain a work permit before they can officially begin their job. The requirements to obtain a Tajikistan visa include a passport that has at least two blank pages and three months of validity.

Tajikistan offers several types of work permits and visas to cater to various professional and business needs: