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Syria: Yazidis ordered to use Islamic courts and follow Islamic law

Islamic apologists in the West constantly insist that Sharia has nothing to do with non-Muslims and that when it comes to the West, it will be for Muslims only. Reality, as is so often the case, is otherwise.

“Yazidis denounce Syrian ruling requiring them to follow Islamic law,” by Kristina Jovanovski, Media Line, February 22, 2021:

Activists have denounced a Syrian decision requiring Yazidis to use Islamic courts, which declares that their religion is part of Islam.

Murad Ismael, who co-founded the group Yazda, which advocates for the minority’s rights, said the ruling was tantamount to religious persecution and it was wrong to consider the Yazidi faith part of Islam.

“It [is] also sadly the same interpretation ISIS used to commit Yazidi genocide,” Ismael said in an email to The Media Line.

He said that while the minority’s beliefs share values with other religions, they are independent of them and the faith has existed for thousands of years.

The New Arab reported on Wednesday that the Syrian Justice Ministry ruled Islamic personal status laws apply to members of the Yazidi community, some of whom earlier requested to have their own court for personal issues, such as family disputes….

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