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Sweden: Police dispute court’s ruling allowing for Qur’an burning, want such burnings banned

swedish police

I’m no fan of book burnings, but they are a matter of free expression. If the police prevail in this and Qur’an-burning is banned, the door will be opened to all manner of violent intimidation in other areas. Jihadis will have seen that it worked, and be encouraged to employ the tactic more liberally.

“The police are appealing verdicts on denied Koran burning,” translated from “Polisen överklagar domar om nekad koranbränning,” by Johanna Hanson, Expressen, April 6, 2023:

The police are appealing the Administrative Court’s rulings that there was no basis for denying permission for two Koran burnings.

The administrative court ruled on Tuesday that it was wrong to stop the two public gatherings where Koran burnings were to take place.

A gathering was stopped outside the Turkish embassy in early February. Another outside the Iraqi embassy in late February. The police based the decision on the increased threat to Sweden.

Now the police authority is appealing the judgments and has requested a postponement until April 25 to develop its appeal.

“The police authority considers that the issue is fundamentally important and that it is therefore urgent that it be examined by a higher authority,” the police write in a press release.