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Sweden: Muslim migrant who stabbed seven people explains ‘I felt very bad mentally’

He was likely angling to be declared mentally ill, as so many other jihadis have been. That would have put him on the path to much more lenient treatment than he received. However, in Sweden today, one never knows. It’s a relief just that they didn’t make him Prime Minister.

“Sweden: Afghan man gets life sentence for stabbing seven people,” Remix News, July 15, 2021 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Afghan Tamim Sultani was sentenced to life in prison in Sweden on Wednesday for attacking and injuring seven people with a knife in the southern part of the country in March.

The 22-year-old Afghan arrived in Sweden in 2018. During the trial, Tamim Sultani said that he felt bad at the time, that he was angry with one person who “harassed” him. So he went home, took a knife, went to the station in Vetland, and attacked two men at random. He does not remember why he attacked them or how he got to the station at all.

“It was as if my brain had stopped working. I felt very bad mentally,“ Sultani said in court.

The attack lasted 18 minutes, during which he managed to stab seven people, three of whom suffered severe injuries….

Following his arrest, and based on a court ruling, he underwent a forensic psychiatric examination. It turned out that he did not suffer from any serious mental disorders during the act, and therefore he could stand trial.

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