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Sweden: Imam denounces Swedish flag, calls on Muslims to ‘crush and beat the Jews’ heads’

There is nothing this imam says that is “extremist”; it is all mainstream Islam. The genocidal hadith he quotes, about the rocks and trees calling on Muslims to kill Jews, is at Sahih Muslim 6985 and elsewhere. The idea that Muslims should not respect the Swedish flag because it contains a cross is based on Qur’an 4:157, which says that Jesus was not crucified, and upon the idea that since the cross is a Christian symbol, Muslims must not honor it, for to do so would be to submit to non-Muslim authority. Will some “moderate Muslim” spokesman explain exactly how Basem Mahmoud is “hijacking” Islam? Don’t hold your breath. And what will the future of Sweden, and the West in general, be like as a result of inviting in such people, and never confronting them on their beliefs and activities that are at variance with Western social norms and principles?

“Malmö imam continues to spread hatred against Jews,” translated from “Malmöimamen fortsätter att sprida hat mot judar,” Expressen, July 17, 2021:

From his place in the al-Sahaba mosque in Rosengård, Basem Mahmoud continues to spread hatred against Jews.

When reporter Jenny Strindlöv and photographer Jens Christian return to the basement mosque in Rosengård, Basem Mahmoud once again threatened to report us to the police.

Six months ago, Kvällposten was able to reveal that Rosengård imam Basem Mahmoud repeatedly preached hatred against Jews and bridge-building imams in his basement mosque and on his YouTube channel.

The revelation led to the Malmö imam being reported to the police for incitement against ethnic groups.

What happened next? Not much.

As we go through some of Basem Mahmoud’s latest sermons, it turns out that he continues to spread hatred against Jews and other “infidels.”

– In all times, it is the same deceptive villains who stand in the way of the orthodox. Everyone knows that the West is ruled by Jews. The Jews are their rulers. The Jews are the offspring of pigs and monkeys.

That’s how it sounded in one of Basem Mahmoud’s sermons last fall.

Since then, his followers on YouTube have grown and the views on his videos have increased. Basem Mahmoud, or Abu Hamza as he is also called, continues to preach every Friday in the al-Sahaba Mosque at Rosengård in Malmö. He continues to openly post every sermon on YouTube, and the content continues to be hateful towards both Jews and other “infidels.”

When the high school three in Malmö held graduation ceremonies, Basem Mahmoud was angry to see the happy young people dancing around with the Swedish flag on the streets. According to Basem Mahmoud, since the Swedish flag contains a cross, it is unsuitable to carry.

“Those who carry crosses should not be offered prayer, because it is our belief that these people are perfect heretics,” he said in a sermon.

– If someone wears a cross on their clothes without being aware of it, we order him to take it off. Whenever the Prophet saw a cross in a cloth or on someone’s clothes or whatever, he destroyed it.

Preaches hatred against Jews
During a sermon in July, Basem Mahmoud focused on Palestine, which he believes the world’s united Muslims together have enough manpower and weapons to liberate. He does not think there is enough talk about Palestine in Europe’s mosques.

Mahmoud quoted from a hadith, that is, a recorded account of the life story of the Prophet Muhammad, which reads:

Judgment Day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them. The Jews will hide behind rocks and trees, but the rocks and trees will say: “Oh, Muslim, there is a Jew behind me. Come and kill him.”

Judgment Day, Basem Mahmoud claims, cannot take place until the great battle has taken place and Palestine has been liberated.

– Injustices, my brethren, are when you are unjust to yourself in your religion and belief. You believe in this hadith, but you do not practice it, you do not introduce it to your children, and you do not spread it in the Muslim world. Are we afraid to even mention the word “Jew”?

In another sermon, he says that one is only allowed to greet Muslims.

– Do not greet non-Muslims. If an unfaithful person greets you and says, “Peace be with you,” answer him as the Prophet used to answer the Jews, the unjust Jews who killed the prophets and who want to control the universe. Curse them, they are lost.

A little later in the same sermon, he continued to incite against Jews:

– Let us be the ones who conquer the al-Aqsa Mosque (one of Islam’s most important mosques, located on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, editor’s note) and crush and beat the Jews’ heads.

– Teach your children this. If you yourself are not qualified for it and God does not command you, then teach your son and teach your grandson.

“You are bandits!”
When Kvällposten returned to the al-Sahaba mosque on a Friday in July to give Basem Mahmoud the opportunity to comment on his statements, the mood quickly becomes bad. He recognizes us from our visit six months earlier and he is not happy to see us again.

– Go away! Go away! No one is allowed to talk to her. I will call the police immediately, says Basem Mahmoud about Kvällposten’s reporter.

He runs towards photographer Jens Christian and pushes him up the stairs that lead down to the basement mosque.

– You’re lying! You are bandits! You are cheaters!

The angry imam picks up the phone and calls the police. He tells the men who come to attend Friday prayers not to talk to us. The door slams shut.

After Kvällposten’s revelation in December 2020, the Jewish Youth Association reported Basem Mahmoud, among others, to the police for incitement against ethnic groups. The preliminary investigation is still ongoing and the police are awaiting further directives from prosecutors.

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