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Streamer Earned $16k In One Night By Streaming Himself Asleep

Making a living through sleep sounds too good to be true, given that humans naturally make money while awake. But it turned many people are jumping on a new trend that’s gradually rising to fame: Sleeping Influencer.’

A night of interrupted sleep can be infuriating, but making money while lying in bed seems like a good income source for a Twitch Streamer. Among the emerging sleep-streamer is Asian Andy, whose real name is Steven. 

Asian Andy earned $16K through viewers’ donations amid a night-sleep live stream


Sleeping streaming has indeed become a thing on the well-known video streaming site, and influencers are making thousands of dollars with just little effort. 26-Year-Old Andy didn’t get much sleep but earned about $16K via viewers’ donations amid a one-night live stream. 

Filming himself in bed, his viewers watched him throughout the whole process and even sent him text-to-speech messages and audios that are aimed to disrupt his sleep. As seen in a YouTube clip, some viewers played ear-splitting sounds, including a dog’s bark and a continuous ringing alarm clock through Alexa. 

Filming himself in bed, Andy’s viewers tired effortlessly to disturb his sleep using continuous ringing alarm clock through Alexa, among others


A few tried to scare Andy, saying there’s an unknown guest by his window, but all did prove abortive. Amid the stream, Andy performed stunts like ripping off his shirt, and interestingly, some viewers equally asked about his location, which he found quite uncomfortable. 

‘You guys aren’t going to believe this. Thank You, Holy f***, bro. $16,000, Holy S***. Yo, Holy S***. Thank you so much. I used to drive an Uber for $16 per hour.’ Asian Andy said after the stream. Nonetheless, Andy had in 2020 shared a similar sleep-streaming clip where he earned $6000 in 5hours. Through the creation of hilarious content, Andy certainly stands at making a lot more with his millions of viewers, although he keeps getting banned on Twitch. 

Watch The Full Clip Here:

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