Spotify could bring a classic sidebar to the interface

Spotify is always introducing changes to its UI in order to keep things interesting and improve functionality. There’s a new change coming to the Android version of the app that might seem a bit nostalgic. According to 9To5Google, the Spotify Android app is testing a sidebar in the interface.

Right now, most apps are adopting the bottom bar interface. This puts important tools at your fingertips. They’re readily available at the bottom of the screen. It’s one of those UI elements that we appreciate more as phone screens get larger. Rather than having to reach up to the top of the interface to access your buttons.

Spotify for Android is testing a classic sidebar menu

Right now, Spotify has the bottom bar UI. You have access to your Home, Search, and Library on that bar. If you’re not subscribed to Premium, then you’ll see a button on the bottom to subscribe. This makes it pretty easy to navigate the interface, but it looks like the company wants to switch things up.

Looking at the screenshot below, we see that Spotify is now testing a classic sidebar interface. Previously, you’ll see the settings option under the Library tab. However, that’s not quite intuitive, so the company is placing the settings and other items in a sidebar menu.

Spotify sidebar ui

When you tap on your profile picture, you’ll see a sidebar slide in from the left of the screen. Under that, you’ll see the option to view your profile. Next, you’ll see a What’s New section that will show you new music and podcasts from sources that you follow. The Listening History and Settings sit right under that section.

While the company is bringing this sidebar UI, you’ll still see the bottom bar. We’re not sure when Spotify plans on rolling this change out. It’s currently on the beta version of Spotify, so it could be some time before it launches.