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Spiritual Benefits of Scent Leaf Water that Makes Visiting Prayer Houses Unimportant.

So many people have needs to find spiritual solutions or remedies for their proems in life. However, a lot of people fall prey in the hands of hungry men and women who claim to be ministers of God. They find a room or two and begin to lure people who they know are desperate for help and spiritual solutions.

This article deals with how to use scent leaf water for spiritual purposes. Scent Leaf is known as “nchu anwu” in Igbo and “efirin” in yoruba. Scent Leaf is a natural, God given herb which is used in cooking, curing of physical illnesses such as malaria, used in brushing the teeth to avoid tooth decay and most of all, used to take care of some spiritual problems. These are some of the spiritual benefits of using scent leaf water to bath:

1. It breaks the power of charms in your life:

Some people are under charms and spells. It might be their partners or spouse who is using it to control them. Other people are under the spells of wicked people. They steal, lie or do other manner of evil things but they do not do this with their clear minds or do it intentionally. When you notice this in your life or that of a child or siblings, please prepare and use scent leaf water bath to break this spell or charm. Do not wait until something too catastrophic happens to you. Learn to use this water bath from time to time.

2. It breaks the power of curses:

Some people are not under spells or charms. They are under curses. Maybe an elderly person or a sick person in a bad condition cursed them. If you know you cannot reach out to the person and apologize maybe because the person is already dead, please begin your scent leaf water bath without any further delay. Curses are effective and can be harming you as long as you still carry them on your head.

3. It liberates you from generational curses:

Many people are under generational curses and family altars. Some people under this type of curse are usually characterized by lack of success or delay in life. If you suspect this in your life, please commence your scent leaf water bath immediately.

4. It dispels evil air of badluck from your life:

Some people do not just reach their supposed heights in life. The positions that they are meant to occupy is usually taken by another person. Their good luck does not locate and stay with them. If you are one of these people, are you still waiting to enter a prayer house and spend thousands?

5. It accelerates your progress:

Those who use scent leaf water bath notice the speed in their progress. Their speed increase. Some people have slow progress and slow success. If you embark on the scent leaf water bath, look out for changes, positive changes in your life.

Before you use any recommendations, ask yourself if the person is likely to have used this method or formular. If yes, go on with it, if no, the choice is yours. I have personally been using scent leaf water for more than four years now and I have not stopped using it. The reason being that it is not harmful to my general health both spiritual and physical and it is a way of warding off evil in these dangerous days that we live. I am only shario these because I know it would be beneficial to some people out there.

How to prepare scent leaf water for the above mentioned spiritual Benefits is not tedious or demanding. All you have to do is quickly boil a pot of scent leaf. How do you do this? Put a good quantity of scent leaf in a large pot of water. Do not bother to separate the leaf from the stem. The stem is part of the process. When the water has boiled, pour the water into a bucket and allow it to cool down. Do not mix with another water. If you bath with cold water,allow your water to cool down completely.

You should bath the usual way with soap and water. While you bath, you can pray and speak into whatever is the situation you are facing. Scent Leaf is a gift of nature which is for our own use. Before or after bathing,please read Psalm 109 and Psalm 121. Remember, nothing is too hard for God. As you continue to use this method, may God heal you through the power of your faith in him. Amen. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask them in the comment box below. If you have used this method and it worked for you, why not drop your testimonies to help others build their faith. Dry scent leaf is still very good and potent for this purpose.

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