Spigen is coming out of the gate with a ton of Pixel 8 cases

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Google just announced the new Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. These are the newest phones from the company, and they’re launching with Android 14. If you’re planning on getting one of these cases, you might want to pick up a case as well. Spigen just announced a bunch of new cases for the Pixel 8 phones.

If you’re wondering if these phones are good for you, you read our Pixel 8 Preview and Pixel 8 Pro Preview. These pieces have all of the information that you would need about these phones. Any questions you may have will be answered.

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Spigen is launching a bunch of cases for the Pixel 8 phones

The Pixel 8 phones come in some beautiful colors, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t throw on a case. Spigen is a popular case maker, and it has a plethora of cases that will add a neat design to your phone while keeping it protected. These range from light and transparent to thick and study.

Some Pixel 8 cases include the Ultra Hybrid Zero case. This is the case to get if you like the transparent aesthetic that we see with the Nothing phones. The back has a graphic on the back that makes it look like your phone has a clear back.

If you want a case that’s clear itself, then you should consider the Ultra Hybrid Crystal case. It keeps your phone protected while letting you show off its design.

For ultimate protection, you should consider getting a Tough Armor case. These cases are the most sturdily-built of the cases, and they’ll keep your phone the most protected during a fall.

Spigen also has some screen protectors. These are sheets made of tempered glass that will make sure that your screen doesn’t get cracked during a drop. The screen protector will break before the screen.

You can buy these accessories on the Spigen website or on the official Spigen Amazon storefront. At these places, you can check out all of the cases that the company offers for these phones.