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Spain: 100 more illegal Muslim migrants swim to Ceuta, three hospitalized for hypothermia

The hope of these illegal economic migrants is to get into the mainland of the European Union and then stay as “refugees.”

There is no end in sight to the invasion of the EU from North Africa and the Middle East, thanks to the EU’s weak politicians, who are fearful of being called “Islamophobic” — a fear beaten into them by Muslim lobbies with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood — if they do anything to impede mass migration.

Last week, as Muslim migrants swarmed into the EU from Africa, 130 of them tragically drowned. Pope Francis then denounced the deaths as “shameful” and issued a call for help in aiding them get into the EU. The Pope’s call for “help” only encourages more illegal migrants to come in. It is undeniably dangerous to embark upon such journeys, so the migrants should be stopped before they leave, while those in the business of human smuggling — including those who are smuggling in the name of “rescue” operations — should be prosecuted. However, due to the encouragement from smugglers, sympathetic NGO’s, reluctant politicians and the Pope, there is little to deter multitudes of illegal economic migrants.

Anyone else besides economic migrants entering the EU illegally must go through legal channels of immigration. They do not jump the queue. Illegal Muslim migrants have been a nightmare for the EU once they enter — bringing with them violent crimes, violent Islamic antisemitism, rampant sex assaults, and the Islamic supremacist ideology.

“From Morocco, a hundred migrants reach Ceuta by swimming,” translated from “Partis du Maroc, une centaine de migrants atteignent Ceuta à la nage,” FranceInfo, April 26, 2021:

Groups of 20 to 30 people departed all day Sunday to reach the Spanish enclave. Three people were hospitalized for hypothermia.

More than seven kilometers separated them from their destination. Around 100 migrants swam from northern Morocco on Sunday to reach the Spanish enclave of Ceuta on the North African coast, the Spanish Civil Guard reported on Monday (April 26th).

They left the Moroccan beaches near Fnideq (also called Castillejos), south of Ceuta, “some arrived as far as the beach [of Ceuta] by their own means,” detailed a spokesperson for the Civil Guard, while the majority had to be rescued and get on “our boats” to reach the Spanish enclave. “It’s not usual, there may be groups of three, four or five, but as many, no.”

Minors among migrants

No death or injury has been recorded on the Spanish side among this “hundred” migrants, including minors, who went swimming “all day long” in “groups of 20 or 30,” along the coast in the distance. On the other hand, three people were hospitalized for hypothermia. Five other people swam into Ceuta on Monday, the civil guard said.

Migrants from Morocco regularly try to reach Ceuta by sea; it is separated from Morocco by a huge security barrier. Ceuta and Melilla, the other Spanish enclave located on the Moroccan coast, constitute the only land borders of the European Union with Africa, and are regularly the scene of attempts at forcible entry by migrants.

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