Sony gives the PS5 a PS1 makeover to celebrate Jim Ryan

A PS1-themed PS5 is something fans have been hoping for ever since Sony’s super limited release of the limited edition PS4 that was themed after the company’s first console. We may still never get the chance to own one. But at least in some capacity, dreams have come true.

Last night following The Game Awards, Sony held a thank you party for PlayStation Boss Jim Ryan. Ryan retires in March of next year and Sony Interactive Entertainment wanted to send him off with a proper commemorative gift. That gift was a PlayStation 5 console that was themed after the PS1. This is a one-of-a-kind machine that has all the trappings of the original PlayStation. Including the light gray color and the matching gray DualSense with a quad-color PS logo button. Even the PS logo on the console cover has the traditional PS logo colors.

Speaking of colors, the square, triangle, circle, and cross buttons have the traditional colors of the buttons on the original DualShock. Even the box was done up to mimic the box art of the original PlayStation box. As neat as all of these details are though, none of those are the best part. The best part is the little connector cover Sony placed over the USB connector for the cable that comes with the controller. It looks like the connector for the original DualShock. Which is the cherry on top of this whole thing. In short, Sony went all out.

A PS1-themed PS5 would sell extremely well

This is most certainly a design that would sell well if it were ever released. Alas, that is probably not going to happen since this was a going-away gift. And it sort of loses its charm if it goes beyond that. Nevertheless, it’s very cool and we wish we had one. So here’s to hoping that Sony decides to release some sort of commemorative PS5 console edition to celebrate PlayStation’s 30th anniversary, which as Engadget points out is coming up next year.

The photo of the console was shared by SIE’s Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Lead Yuichi Haga who attended the party. In addition to the special console, it looks like the SIE team came up with a few other neat ways to celebrate Jim Ryan. Including individually wrapped cookies with Ryan’s face on them. Fans might never get their chance to own a similarly designed PS5. But for PlayStation’s 30 years, it would be the perfect time for Sony to come up with something. Let’s just hope it’s not as limited this time around. Or that there’s a better system in place to prevent the scalpers from grabbing a lot of the stock.

PS1 Themed PS5 ConsolePS1 Themed PS5 Console