Skitmaker OGB tackles non-virgins looking for rich men to marry

ogb recent

SkitMaker OGB recent, known for his hilarious work, recently faced outrage for a tweet about virginity and marriage goals, which sparked substantial debate.

He emphasised the irony of non-virgin women wishing to marry wealthy men, in contrast to the biblical Virgin Mary, who married a carpenter, Joseph.

This remark generated outrage, particularly among women, who called it rude and disrespectful.

The reaction to SkitMakerOGB’s statement has been overwhelmingly negative, with many accusing him of making a derogatory joke about women.

Critics argue that his comments perpetuate harmful stereotypes and are inappropriate, especially coming from someone in the entertainment industry known for humor.


Skit maker, OGB Recent tattoos Mohbad’s name ‘Imole’ on his arm

Mohbad’s friend Michael Charles, aka OGB Recent, got the name “Imole” tattooed on his elbow. Michael is a well-known Nigerian content creator and skitmaker.

The comedian shared a photo of the tattoo he got on his Twitter page as a mark of respect and remembering.

He tattooed Mohbad’s nickname, ‘Imole,’ a Yoruba word that meaning ‘Light or Brightness,’ which he generally used to refer to himself before he died. A cross-shaped tattoo was also present next to it.

OGB Recent solicited for the singer’s good repose as they shared the picture.

“Rest in power superstar MOHBAD💡❤️”, he wrote.

See his post below: