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She’s You, Your Twin, Carbon Copy-Netizen React As Charley Boy Express Joy For Her Gay Daughter


Netizens have reacted to Charley boy over his acceptance of his daughter’s decision to be a member of the LGBT.

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Charley boy who seems to be supporting gays and lesbians right in Nigeria was shock when the daughter declared her sexual orientation.

He was devastated, asking himself questions

in a post, he wrote Months before this incident, I was lending my voice in support of LGTB rights in Nigeria.
Is life playing tricks on me. Now my daughter is gay, why do I feel disappointed? Am I a hypocrite? How do I handle this bomb shell?


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After going through are the emotional moment and decided to accept the daughter’s sexual status, Netizen have also blasted him.

According to some, the seed Charley boy sowed is what he has harvested



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