“She’s not important enough”- Groovy opens up on cheating on Phyna

phyna groovy

Groovy, aka Henry Olisaemeka Orakwu, was recently on Naija FM with Emmcee Rnb, where he finally spoke about his relationship with Phyna and why it ended.

The singer revealed during an interview with Emmcee Rnb that his relationship with Phyna ended due to irreconcilable differences.

He also revealed that it was due to the widely held belief that he did not flush the toilet after using it.

The singer, who was on Naija FM to promote his new EP, stated that he had too many goals to achieve to be obsessed with a woman, particularly Phyna.

Groovy also revealed that he has never been short on girls in his life.

This is the first time Groovy will address issues about his relationship with Phyna.

Unlike the season 7 winner, who has mentioned it several times.

Here are some of the reactions to Groovy’s remarks about his failed relationship with Phyna:

@theonlyemilia: “He never used to mention her name this way in interviews but I feel because he wants to push his music career…he now wants to use every means possible.”

@andrewsjuliet5: “So you date phyna true true?omoooo!I reserve my comment.”

@iamstalkar: “Allow him talk ‍♂️ no disrespect but pls you guys need to learn your jobs properly.” “Groovy mouth sharp too.”

@gracciellaayuk: “One thing I noticed with this host, he is always talking over his guests. Allow them talk at least.”

@just.wildzz: “Oga close mouth make person way you ask question answer.”

@the_realena: “Try all you can groovy your music will still not blow. Keep going to interviews to use her name.”

@amyshine0: “Phyna with her dirty character.”