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‘She Used To Be The Mumu, Now I Am’ – Actor, Bolanle Ninalowo Reveals The Unknown About His Wife

Nigerian actor, Bolanle Ninalowo has shared an interesting insight about his marriage and shared the unknown about his.

Taking to his Instagram page, Bolanle Ninalowo revealed that his wife used to be the ‘mumu’ in their but today, he is now the ‘mumu’ in their marriage.

Sharing a video of him and his wife having a cozy moment together, he marveled at how the tables have turned and hailed her as he addressed her as Mama Aliyah.

In his words,

“She use to be the mumu! Bolanle says jump, na how high… Funny how the table switches! Take it all Mama Aliyah … Ose Iya mi”

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Watch the video below;

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A post shared by Bolanle Ninalowo (@iamnino_b)

Reacting to this;

@tcingahadebayor wrote “I just love the family …any man that puts his wife first….will continously earn the favour of God.”

@yeeendarh___ wrote “He looks so proud of her in the video…like “damn see my madam”

@mirabellenaturales wrote “Love and peace of mind is all I see”

@alluring__glam wrote “Maka and Oppression na 5&6”

@adewumiolanike wrote “Beautiful couple.more wins”

He said;

“The blame should not be on Nollywood because it doesn’t have structure, but it should be on the individual. You are not a victim of circumstances; you are victim of the choices you made. A lot of them are carried away.

They don’t have retirement plans. We are prone to be carried away in life, but humility is there to bring you back to senses. Although, I have only gone to church once in my entire life, I read the bible a lot. My name is Azeez; I was born into a staunch Muslim family. When I was troubled and frustrated, it was the bible that saved me; my parents and family members couldn’t.

So, I picked up the bible and it became my life manual. People now blame environment and government for whatsoever happen to them. If I lose all my money today, I am to blame. It is my problem.

They should be more responsible and know what to do at the right time.
I’m not mocking anybody, but if you can get up and go shop for good things you need, then I don’t think anyone should school you about this. Natural disaster, natural causes, are bound to happen, how prepared are you?”
he stated.


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