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Sennheiser opens its first ‘Audiophile Experience Center’ in Ireland

Sennheiser Tullamore Experience Center

For over 30 years, Sennheiser has been crafting audiophile headphones at their factory in Tullamore, Ireland, where they develop innovative headphone ideas.

On September 27th, they will open their factory to visitors for the first time. You can take a tour to witness the creation of the prestigious HE 1 headphones and explore various other headphone and earphone options.

Sennheiser’s Audiophile Experience Center in Tullamore, Ireland

Tullamore has held a special place in Sennheiser’s heart since 1991. They produce essential components for their audiophile products there and have been manufacturing the HD 600 series headphones for over two decades.

Sennheiser HE 1 headphones

In 2022, they consolidated their operations in one location—a rarity in the headphone industry. This not only ensures better component matching, but also elevates the overall quality of Sennheiser headphones. Additionally, the brand is eagerly anticipating showcasing their headphone-making process to visitors.

Sennheiser Audiophile Experience Center

During the tour, you’ll witness how they assemble headphone parts, and you’ll even have the opportunity to assemble your own headphones with guidance from the Tullamore team. Additionally, you can observe the creation of the renowned HE 1 headphones and enjoy listening sessions in a dedicated hi-fi room.

Access and Availability

To offer an intimate and personalized experience in a live, dynamic production environment, tours of the Audiophile Experience Center are currently available by invitation only.

Further details will be shared via Sennheiser’s social media channels in the lead-up to the opening on September 27th, 2023.

Commenting on the announcement, Vijay Sharma, General Manager – Sennheiser Consumer business in India, said:

It all comes together in Tullamore: from transducer assembly to the final headphone packaging, visitors can witness the complete journey our audiophile headphones undergo. We take immense pride in unveiling the Audiophile Experience Center, allowing them to firsthand experience the realm of audiophile innovation.

Audiophile assembly is a complex process, demanding time, exceptional precision, meticulous attention to detail, and a profound human touch filled with passion. Here in Tullamore, all of this comes to life, and our team eagerly awaits the opportunity to share this with visitors from around the globe.