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See What Trump’s Neighbors Did To Him After He Moved To His Mar-a-Lago Estate

Last updated on January 25, 2021

According to a video that is currently viral, it seems Donald Trump’s rich neighbors don’t like the idea of him turning his Mar-a-Lago estate into his private residence. Donald Trump is now living in his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida after leaving the White House. Even though there are speculations that Trump might go down in history as the worst president in US, it seems his neighbors in Palm Beach might believe this.

Trump’s neighbors allegedly hired pilots who flew two planes right on top of his estate. The two planes were flying with two different banners that had words that were against Trump. The first plane circled round Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate pulling a banner with the words “TRUMP WORST PRESIDENT EVER.” Check out the photos below

The second plane also followed, carrying a banner with the words “TRUMP YOU PATHETIC LOSER GO BACK TO MOSCOW”

You can watch the full video below


This type of situation is totally wrong but It’s expected because the wealthy democrats living in Palm Beach told Trump not to chose the estate as a permanent residence after the white house. Here is one of the few reports below

Meanwhile, Trump ignored all of their warnings and chose his Mar-a-Lago estate as his permanent residence. Trump’s current permanent residence was a resort before and his wealthy neighbors were paying up to $200,000 to join the golf club but after he moved into the estate few days ago, members have been pulling out because they don’t want to have anything to do with Trump.

His neighbors were the ones who allegedly hired pilots to fly those two plane carrying banners with hurtful words against Trump. They didn’t welcome him with open arms.

Americans also reacted to the viral video and some of them supported what Trump’s neighbors did. Check out a few reactions below

Do you think Trump is going to enjoy his private life with all these bad situations?

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