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See what people are saying about Osinbajo after Buhari’s aide posted a photo of him on Twitter

Bashir Ahmad is the personal aide to president Muhammadu Buhari on news Media, and asides that being his job, he is a strong supporter of Mr president and his vice, professor Yemi Osinbajo.Recently, Bashi Ahmad posted a photo of vice president Yemi Osinbajo on his official Twitter account and wrote “VP PYO, SAN” which means vice president professor Yemi Osinbajo, senior advocate of Nigeria.

While it wasn’t clear why Buhari’s aide posted the photo of the vice president, it caused a couple of mixed reactions on Twitter. While some persons were praising the vice president for his honesty, and the impeccable leadership prowess that he has shown since he came into office, others were calling for the vice president to speak up more than he has been doing lately.

Sew reactions below.

1. “This na the only man that is more intelligent in APC. Grant him chance, and see how he will turn Nigeria to a good place for all.”

2. “Best vice president we’ve ever had. Loyal, honest, sound administrator, intelligent, impeccable problem solving skills, high quality leadership skills.”

3.”Nigeria vice president. May the good lord bless you and bless the Federal Republic Nigeria”

4. “For the record, it’s time for VP Osibanjo to finally speak up, He has been silent for a very long time.”

5. “A visionary leader, working along with humble and passionate gentleman.”

See more reactions in the screenshots below.

Well, while it might be true that the vice president doesn’t always appear on television or on social media platforms, like many of these people praising the vice president, I believe that he is doing a great job as a vice president, especially when it comes to promoting peace and unity among all the geo political regions in the country. God bless him.

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