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See Other Reasons Why You Need To Enroll For NIN Apart From Your Sim Linkage

People think the NIN is only meant for them to link their SIM cards not knowing that it is not just for linking of sin cards to avoid being disconnected.

Infact, before now, if you should ask someone if he has an NIN, he will ask you what does he need an NIN for. Ignorance they say is a disease and this saying isn’t a lie.

The National Identity Number is the identity number of every Nigerian. One interesting thing about it is that even children below one year are eligible to enroll, unlike the Voters registration and some other means of identification that has minimum age requirement and other things.

Apart from the sim card linkage, here are other importance of the National Identity Number;

Account Opening in the Bank: Before you can open a standard bank account, every bank require a valid means of identification and your National Identity Number is one of such valid means, that is why you should enroll for the NIN. You also need it to reactivate a dormant account.

International passport registration: The immigration service has made the National Identity card as one of its requirement to register for International passport or renewal.

Drivers license: Just as different institution is making the National Identity Number compulsory, even the Federal Road Safety Corps has made the NIN compulsory before you can get a drivers license.

So if you are intending to drive a car, you need to have the NIN before you’ll be issued a license.

Some other reasons you need the NIN (Students) is for admission purpose. Remember the Joint Admission And Matriculation Board, JAMB made it a compulsory requirement for last year Jamb registration but later scrapped it after the Senate’s intervention. It is likely to be that this year’s Jamb registration will require the NIN.

But the problem is that the process of enrolling for the NIN is so slow and stresful and to crown it all, time wasting.

So I see no reason why there should be deadline to link your NIN with your sim when the government already know how the process is, or are they telling us that they are not aware of the system?

Anyway, try to enroll for the NIN to avoid being disconnected.

Do you even think the NIN will help to curb the high rate of criminal activities?

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