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Seattle Transit Union Endorses Somali Muslim School Bus Hijacker

Three things to know about Ubax Gardheere

1. Her personal pronouns are She/Her

2. She’s “unapologetically Black, Muslim, Somali, & American”

3. Also she claimed to have a bomb on a school bus

A video from 2010 has resurfaced of a now King County Council candidate threatening a bus full of students, claiming she had a bomb.

In the video, obtained by The Post Millennial, Ubax Gardheere boards a Highline School District bus full of middle school students and tells the driver there is a “national security incident.” She advises the driver that he cannot leave.


“How do you know what I have? I might have a bomb,” she said to the driver – a claim she later repeated to the students. She also suggested she might have a gun hidden under her clothing.

Children are seen running out of the emergency exit on the bus as Gardheere screams “Cowards! Cowards! Cowards!”

So obviously Ubax got a job in equity.

In the years since the incident, Gardheere was hired by the City of Seattle as the “equities strategy manager” under former Mayor Ed Murray.

Former mayor and child molester Ed Murray who was accused of child abuse by everyone including his cousin. So Ubax and Ed were a marriage made in heaven that led to Ubax running for public office because woke cities are the only places in America where that’s possible.

SEIU has endorsed Ubax.

As the climax of the joke, Ubax Gardheere was endorsed by the Transit Riders Union. Her defenders are claiming that any mention of the school bus attack is a “classic attack from the right wing media.”

As opposed to this innovative Somali Muslim attack on a school bus.

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