Sci-Fi Strategy game Homeworld 3 gets delayed till early March

Homeworld 3 Delay jpg.webp

Fans of strategy games will have to wait a little longer to play the sci-fi epic Homeworld 3 as it just received a delay until the beginning of March. Homeworld 3 is a sci-fi strategy RTS game that developers Blackbird Interactive describe as having an “award-winning” story that unfolds on a galactic scale.

This refers to the franchise’s achievement from 1999, when the first game in the series titled Homeworld, won Game of the Year from a few publications. The Homeworld series has also won a few awards for being the best strategy game the year the first one was released. It was also nominated for numerous others. In short, Homeworld has been a beloved franchise for sci-fi strategy fans over the years. And the upcoming release of the third game in the franchise is likely to be met with much anticipation.

Fans of the Homeworld games have been waiting about two decades for the next release. As Homeworld 2 was originally released back in 2003. Blackbird Interactive CEO Rob Cunningham commented on the delay, acknowledging that the studio knows fans are looking forward to the game’s release.

“Homeworld 3 is a game 20+ years in the making. The team has gone all out to develop the ultimate cinematic sci-fi strategy game our very patient fans deserve. Blackbird Interactive was born to create this game, and we can’t wait to get it in the hands of sci-fi lovers and a whole new generation of PC gamers in March of 2024,” Cunningham said.

The Homeworld 3 delay pushes the launch to March 8, but pre-orders are already live

Blackbird confirms the delay has pushed the game to March 8. But as noted by Wccftech, the game was delayed more than once before that. It was initially scheduled to launch in late 2022. But it was then delayed until the first half of this year. It was then delayed again to early next year. All-in-all, the recent delay is only bumping things forward a tiny bit.

While delays are never fun, in the end it usually breeds good results. Blackbird Interactive feels the delay is needed to deliver the best possible version of the game to fans. And as high-profile releases in the past few years have taught us, sometimes delays are needed. That being said, you can already pre-order the game. It’ll run you $59.99 and it’s available on PC for both Steam and the Epic Games Store.