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Save Yourself The Trouble And Date Within Your Tax Bracket – Dencia To Those Who Complain About Their Partners

Singer Dencia has advised those who complain about their partners’ financial status to save themselves all the trouble by dating those in the tax bracket.

Dencia in a post touched about how some men call their partners golddigger and some ladies complain about the poor financial status of their partners advised them all to save themselves from all this trouble by dating those in their tax bracket.

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According to Dencia, rich men knowingly date and marry women with nothing and complain about them and call them gold-diggers likewise do rich women date and marry men with nothing and demean them, call them all sort of names.

Dencia then suggested that why don’t you all save yourself the trouble of going through all that complaining about your partners by dating and marrying someone in your tax bracket instead of going for another person lower or higher than you.

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What Dencia means by dating someone in your tax bracket is simply cutting your coat according to your size therefore you go in for someone who can level up with you so the other doesn’t feel bad and complain always as we see.

If we are to go by Dencia’s post then it means the rich will have to date and marry the rich while the middle-class people go for those in the middle class and the poor go in for someone poor and that won’t be good for us at all.

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