Save $50 on the Sonos Era 100 Bluetooth speaker

Sonos makes some of the best speakers out there and right now Adorama has a discount on the Era 100 that drops the price by $50. The regular price of this speaker is $249.99 but you can currently pick it up for just $199.99. This is a Bluetooth speaker so it works wirelessly and can connect to your mobile device for streaming music. It’s also capable of connecting to anything else that supports a Bluetooth connection so you could easily transition to using this with your laptop or desktop, Nintendo Switch, or anything else that plays audio.

That being said, the beauty of Sonos speakers is that they can play audio over your Wi-Fi network connection. So you don’t have to use Bluetooth at all if you prefer not to. The thing is, not all devices will have support for the Sonos app. So the inclusion of Bluetooth is what makes this a more versatile speaker and it’s a big improvement over the Sonos One.

You can also hook up two Era 100 speakers if you want to create a stereo audio environment for something like a home theater setup or a more room-filling experience. You can even go beyond that by pairing two of the Era 100 speakers with a soundbar and using the Era 100s as rear-channel speakers. And that’s part of what makes Sonos audio so good.

One of the things we like the most is that setting up the Era 100 is easy as pie. Setup takes just a couple of minutes from the time you take the speaker out of the box. Just power it on and open the Sonos app to get it connected and you’re good to go. You can pick up the Sonos Era 100 at Adorama.

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