Save $50 on the Ember Mug 2 and keep your drinks hot for hours

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Hot coffee and even hotter deals can be yours with this discount on the Ember Mug 2, as Best Buy now has the temperature-controlled smart mug for $99.99.

The regular price for this mug is $149.99 so you save $50. As a temperature-controlled smart mug, the Ember Mug 2 has one main goal. Keep your drinks hot so you can enjoy them longer without worrying they’ll get cold. Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with cold coffee or cold tea. Sometimes all you want is an ice-cold cup of either one, especially on a hot day. However, it’s the winter months now which means it’s cold in most places. So, the last thing you probably want is for your drink to get cold.

The Ember Mug 2 is designed to prevent just that. It does so thanks to the inclusion of heating coils in the base that keep the drink hot as you enjoy every sip. Using the companion app, you can tell the mug what your perfect temperature is and it will keep your drink at that temperature until the drink is gone or the mug turns off. The latter won’t happen until the mug senses that it’s empty or it runs out of battery power. And it’ll never run out of battery power if you keep the mug sitting on its included charging base.

I used the original Ember Mug for a time and it was an amazing way to enjoy coffee. The app made it so easy to set my drinks to be just the temperature I like. And for me, this was a huge benefit as I often drink about half my coffee or tea and then it starts to get cold. I sip those drinks slowly so this happens a lot. But the Ember Mug 2 can solve that problem. You can pick up the Ember Mug 2 at Best Buy.

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