Save $40 on the Razer Huntsman Mini gaming keyboard

Razer Huntsman Mini Black 6

Mini keyboards like the Razer Huntsman Mini are becoming a lot more popular these days and right now Best Buy is offering a deal on the Huntsman Mini that brings the price down by $40. It’s usual price is $119.99 but with the $40 discount it comes to $79.99. As a gaming keyboard it has all the hallmark features you would expect a gaming kleyboard to have. This includes macro keys, mechanical switches and onboard memory for storing gaming profiles.

As a Razer keyboard it incorporates Chroma RGB backlighting for the keys. And this does more than just keep the keys lit up so you can see them in the dark. That is certainly a helpful function. But Chroma is a lot more than just key backlighting in color. Chroma also integrates with a wide variety of different video games to deliver special effects. In Diablo IV for example, the keyboard gets a bright orange flash whenever a piece of legendary gear drops on the ground. The lighting can also flash or pulse red if your character is running low on health. These kinds of integrations can help the game feel more immersive.

And at the very least they add a really fun element to your gaming sessions. Since this is a 60% keyboard formfactor it fits really well in smaller spaces too. Say a dorm room or just a smaller bedroom in the home or apartment that doesn’t have space for a large desk. When you have limited desk space, every little bit of room matters. The keyboard also comes with a braided and detachable USB-C cable to make this easy for travel storage. You do still need to plug the keyboard in to use it though. If you could use a keyboard upgrade, you can grab this deal from the link below.

Razer Huntsman Mini – Best Buy