Samsung's next rugged tablet might be coming soon

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 France firefighters

Samsung’s tablets are all well-built (as you can see in our Galaxy Tab S9 FE review), but the company makes a line of rugged tablets that are meant to survive the worst you can throw at them. The Galaxy Tab Active series saw its fourth entry last year with the Galaxy Tab Active4. Well, it looks like the Galaxy Tab Active5 might be around the corner.

You’ll want to take this news with a grain of salt. We’re talking about a leak of a future product. There’s no guarantee that the device is on its way. We’ll keep you updated on any future developments.

The Galaxy Tab Active5 might have gotten FCC certification

There are those tablets that are meant to stay inside for gaming and movie-watching. However, there are those devices that are meant to be taken on the job. These are tablets with heavy-duty chassis, crack-resistant screens, and resistance certifications. Tablets like these are found on the factory floor or on construction sites. They’re meant to take a ton of abuse without breaking, and the Galaxy Tab Active series is no different.

Thanks to a report from Galaxyclub (via Phone Arena), it looks like the next rugged Galaxy Tab is on its way. Firstly, the FCC posting was spotted on the tablet. …ing didn’t give the name of the device in question, however.

Samsung already launched its premium Galaxy Tab S9, mid-ranged Galaxy Tab S9 FE, and Galaxy Tab A9 tablets. So, we know that it’s not one of those tablets. The best guess is the Galaxy Tab Active5. Another thing hinting at this tablet is the image of a battery with the FCC listing. This Galaxy Tab Active series is the only line of Samsung tablets with removable batteries. The battery is pictured below.

If this is indeed the next Galaxy Tab Active, then it will be a breath of fresh air. The last iteration launched last year. As for when to expect this device, we’re unsure. The source points to this device coming sometime in January.