Samsung Swarovski-studded bundle is now available for purchase

If you feel your Galaxy Z Flip 5, Watch 6, or Buds 2 Pro needs some glitter, you can purchase the Samsung Swarovski-studded bundle. This new case bundle adds some flare to the Galaxy devices mentioned above and will appeal to users with a high sense of fashion. Samsung throws on some Swarovski crystals on the accessories for a few of their devices, and these accessories are now available for purchase.

To get these Swarovski crystal accessories, fans will need to purchase what Samsung calls a Premium Box. This box contains the Galaxy Z Flip 5, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, and the Galaxy Watch 6. While purchasing the package, fans can configure their specifications for each of the devices.

These configurations include storage for the Z Flip 5, watch case size and colour options for all devices. The price of each device depends on the user’s configuration, so Samsung gives a total price which users pay to get the Premium Box. This box will ship along with the Swarovski crystal accessories for all devices in the box.

Step up your fashion statement with the new Samsung Swarovski-studded bundle

These new Swarovski crystal accessories from Samsung are all about making a fashion statement. Each accessory comes with small crystals neatly arranged across certain parts of the device case. The pattern and colours of the crystals on each case match the rest, bringing a sense of unity across the board.

The Galaxy Z Flip 5’s Swarovski crystal case, only holds crystals on its bottom half. As you should already know, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 comes with a top and a bottom half. Since the top half gives space for the cover screen and the camera cutout, it holds no crystals.

As for the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro Swarovski crystal case, it comes with a fashion design on its opening lid. The top of the case’s opening flip lid holds these crystals in a similar pattern as the rest. Moving around the case, users won’t find any crystal, but just a clean finish.

Lastly, the Galaxy Watch 6 Swarovski crystals are on the watch’s strap. Both straps have these crystals on them, they run through the shorter strap but halfway through the longer strap. This is because the longer strap has pinholes that will help users wear the watch on their wrists.

All cases come with a clean black-ish matte looking finish which looks like it’ll be great to the touch. Highsnobiety and Samsung clearly showed off their artistry with these cases as they intend to capture the attention of fashion-oriented buyers. Would you be willing to try out the new Samsung Swarovski-studded accessories?