Samsung plans significant design changes for Galaxy S25

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In December 2022, Samsung roped in Hubert H. Lee, a former Chief Design Officer for Mercedes, to lead its smartphone design team. It appears Lee and the team are planning a major design overhaul for the Galaxy devices. A new rumor says the Galaxy S25 series will look significantly different from the Galaxy S24.

Samsung’s Galaxy S25 may bring major design changes

Having worked at Mercedes for over two decades in multiple design-related roles, Lee brought a wealth of experience in the field of product design to Samsung. The Korean behemoth said it hopes the design expert to help shape the look and feel of its Galaxy devices through his unique and visionary perspective. Lee echoed the company, saying that his team will work on creating new mobile experiences through the art of design.

However, Samsung’s smartphones saw no design evolution this year. One thing it did was create a unique brand identity with the same rear design for all models—budget and flagship. Based on leaks, the story will remain unchanged next year. It is keeping the same design, with low-cost models adding a minor differentiation—the frame is slightly bulged around the power and volume buttons. Flagships have a completely flat frame.

It appears the Korean firm’s design team has been working on a major overhaul behind the scenes. While we don’t have visuals to tell you precisely how different the Galaxy S25 will look from the Galaxy S24, noted industry insider Revegnus (X/Twiter username) says the 2025 flagships are expected to bring “significant design changes.” They say Samsung has tasked Lee with “redefining the Galaxy brand’s past image to provide a fresh feel.”

Unfortunately, no other details are available. But the way the tipster presented the information, it looks like Samsung is gearing up for a complete design overhaul. Everything from the rear camera array to the overall shape may see a redesign. We might get to know more about these planned design changes once the Korean behemoth brings the Galaxy S24 series to the market.

The 2024 flagships will debut in January

There isn’t a lot of time to go before the Galaxy S24 launch now. Samsung reportedly plans to unveil its 2024 flagships on January 17, which is six weeks away. The devices may hit the stores on January 30. If history is any indication, more detailed rumors about the Galaxy S25 series will start coming in a few weeks after the Galaxy S24 goes on sale, so stay tuned.