Samsung One UI 6.1 brings AI wallpapers & more AI features

A few days back, it was revealed that Samsung‘s One UI 6.1 will introduce a more advanced battery health protection tool. The feature seemingly uses artificial intelligence (AI) to manage the overnight charging of Galaxy devices. A new leak has now revealed a host of other AI features that the company is working on. These include AI wallpapers, image expansion, object relocation in photos, and enhancements to Samsung Notes.

Samsung’s One UI 6.1 will introduce AI-generated wallpapers

Samsung will debut Android 14-based One UI 6.1 with the Galaxy S24 series in January 2024 and roll it out to older models later. Rumors say the new flagship lineup will bring unprecedented on-device AI capabilities, with AI features baked into system software. The company has already announced a few of them, including live translation and transcription of audio calls. The feature comes integrated with the native call app.

X user @BennettBuhner has now given us a peek into what else Samsung is cooking. Most notably, One UI 6.1 will add support for AI-generated wallpapers. Google introduced this feature with the Pixel 8 series, which ran Android 14 out of the box. The Korean firm skipped it in One UI 6.0, the first Android 14-based update for Galaxy devices, but the next One UI version will seemingly bring the feature.

As you might expect, the Galaxy S24 phones will create wallpapers based on your text prompt. You have to first select a general topic and provide additional details such as the subject and backdrop. A screenshot posted by the source shows that AI wallpaper for the topic “Bloom” offers the prompt “a hazy image of lavender plants on a backdrop of red space galaxy.” You can replace lavender plants with any other subject and edit the backdrop.

As 9to5Google pointed out, the Pixel 8 series offers the same prompt and preview image for AI-generated wallpaper under the topic “Bloom.” Of course, this can’t be a coincidence. Samsung is seemingly borrowing Android 14’s tool and pushing it with One UI 6.1. Like with other stock Android features, Samsung has made some tweaks here. Most notably, its preview image is more compact while Google’s is full-screen.

Samsung One UI 6 1 AI generated wallpapers leakSamsung One UI 6 1 AI generated wallpapers leak

The new One UI update may be all about AI features

One UI 6.1 will also let users add weather and portrait effects to their Galaxy phone’s lockscreen. You can select between sunny, cloudy, rainy, and snowy weather, specify the time of the day (morning, evening, etc.), and boom, your lockscreen looks completely different. You may even be able to customize the lockscreen and animate the AI-generated effects.

Additionally, Samsung’s next One UI update will let you relocate objects in an image. You can simply touch and hold an object, including people and pets, to reposition it. AI should automatically fill in the details in the original position. You can even move objects or clips from one photo to another. Did you miss one of your friends in a group shot because they were capturing it? One UI 6.1 has a solution.

If there isn’t sufficient space in the photo for that friend, Samsung still has a solution. You can use the AI capabilities of your Galaxy phone to expand the image by adding non-existing details. If the photo you took isn’t aligned perfectly, AI will take care of that too. AI drawings or decorations you add to photos are saved and recorded so you can go back and make adjustments anytime. No need to begin from scratch.

Coupled with the advanced photo and video editing tools Samsung added to One UI 6.0, Galaxy phones are turning out to be comprehensive photography solutions. The upcoming One UI update will also improve Samsung Notes with AI features that can quickly organize and summarize your notes using bullet points and auto-formatting. AI can even format hand-written notes and convert them into text.

Other Galaxy devices will also get these features

Samsung will roll out One UI 6.1 to other eligible Galaxy phones after the Galaxy S24 launch in January next year. The Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Z Flip 5, and several other devices will receive the update. Most of the new AI features, if not all, will trickle down to those devices. Rumors say the 2024 flagship lineup will go official on January 17, so just about five more weeks of waiting now.