Samsung brings S Pen Creator Edition to the US

Samsung has brought the S Pen Creator Edition to the US. Launched alongside the Galaxy Tab S9 series in July, the special edition stylus pen was first released in South Korea last month. It is a more premium solution that is more comfortable to use, allowing for effortless writing and drawing.

S Pen Creator Edition arrives in the US

Samsung has specifically designed the S Pen Creator Edition for people who frequently use the stylus accessory on their Galaxy devices. It works with all S Pen-compatible models in the Galaxy Book, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S, and Galaxy Tab lineups, including the FE series (doesn’t work with Fold series foldables). However, the special edition accessory is bigger than the standard version, so it doesn’t fit in the built-in silo of Galaxy phones.

This is essentially why the device is a separate purchase. Those who don’t find the in-box S Pen comfortable for prolonged use will like the Creator Edition’s ergonomic design. It is lightweight (10.6 grams) and has a grippy surface that is more comfortable to hold. Like the regular S Pen, it supports pressure sensitivity and tilt sensitivity. However, there’s no Bluetooth or a built-in battery here, so Air Commands don’t work.

Samsung ships it with two additional replacement tips. The device has an IPX4 water resistance, which isn’t as strong as the regular S Pen’s IPX8 rating. It also misses out on some other smart features. However, if you have a compatible tablet, the stylus pen magnetically attaches to the back of the device. Additionally, its dedicated button lets you quickly pull up a software trick, like changing the pen style when drawing.

Price and availability

Samsung’s S Pen Creator Edition is now available in the US through the company’s official website as well as some third-party retailers, including Amazon and Best Buy. The accessory costs $99.99, which makes it notably more expensive than the regular S Pen ($60) or the S Pen Foldable Edition ($55). It only comes in white.

The Korean firm has also launched the accessory in a few other markets, including China, New Zealand, and the UK. If you’re interested in it, check Samsung’s official website for your region. You may also find the stylus pen on other retail platforms. The company doesn’t seem to be offering it bundled with supported products, though. It appears to have stopped selling the S Pen Pro, which works with foldables too, through its website.

Samsung S Pen Creator Edition 2Samsung S Pen Creator Edition 2