Run, don't walk, to grab the Galaxy A54 5G for just $349.99!

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Samsung’s Galaxy A54 5G is available at a discount over at Best Buy right now for $100 off the regular price. This is a discount you don’t want to miss as this is a wonderful budget smartphone. The regular price for the Galaxy A54 5G is $449.99 but you can now pick it up for $349.99. This is a limited three-day sale at Best Buy which means you don’t have long to snag the phone at this price. Hence we’re suggesting that if you are looking for an upgrade or a good gift for the holidays, you grab this as soon as you can.

You’re getting great value because Samsung’s budget entry offers a lot of features for quite honestly a small amount of money. It has a big vibrant display with a 2430 x 1080 resolution. And when we say big, it’s not the biggest but at 6.4-inches, it’s not small. And thanks to the punch-hole camera Samsung has cut back on the bezels a little. Giving you just a tad bit extra screen for your viewing pleasure. It also has a pretty decent camera for a budget device.

Something you don’t see often these days is a phone with expandable storage. That’s something the Galaxy A54 5G offers that other phones don’t. It has 128GB of internal storage to start with which is pretty good already. But if you need more space than that, you can insert a microSD card. And you might end up needing that if you plan to take a lot of pictures with the camera.

Another strong point of the Galaxy A54 5G is the battery. It has a 5,000mAh battery inside and can last for around 13 or so hours while streaming video if you max out the brightness. Since you’re unlikely to do that though, you should have no problems getting about a day of use out of the device without the need to charge it before getting home. You can pick up the Galaxy A54 5G at Best Buy.

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