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Rochas Okorocha Says Governor Uzodinma’s Aide Wanted To Machete Him While He Was Moved Out

Former Governor of Imo state, Rochas Okorocha has recounted his plight after he was whisked away by Police on Sunday, February 21, for reopening a sealed property seized by the state.

According to the Imo Police spokesperson, Orlando Ikeokwu, the former governor was only invited for questioning for the reported involvement in an entry of a sealed property by the state. However, Senator Rochas claimed the Governor ordered his arrest.

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Talking to Channels TV, he said that Nigeria Police Force connected to the Government House didn’t do anything as hoodlums vandalized his vehicles.

He added that many people were injured and the instructions were all coming from the top aide of Governor Hope. He went further to disclose that the aide carried a machete and was ready to use it on him.

He said; 

“I asked them, what is my offence? They said conspiracy and public disorder. So they said it was the governor that directed them, that made a report to arrest me. 

“The police whisked me into the pickup and brought me to the police station, I am here now. As I am here, they have not said anything to me. 

“I am still at a very deep shock and confused as to what is happening here. Particularly of note, what shocked me was the SA to the Governor pulled out his shirt, carried the machete himself and was coming to machete me while I was moved out.

“He was calling the boys ‘come, come.’ He was in charge and the police were following him. When they arrested me so to say, the SA to the Governor entered the pickup and came to the police station with their own video.

“They were making jest of me that there is only one governor in the state, there is only one immunity that they are going to deal with me. I can’t believe it.”



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