Reno Omokri has called on Nigerians Based In London to come to his aid and assist him in locating the whereabouts of President Buhari, who is currently in London.

Reno Omokri has vowed to harass President Buhari each time he travels to any European country. Reno explained that Buhari needs to spend much time in Nigeria and help fix the problems of the country rather than globetrot around.

Taking to his Instagram page, Reno disclosed that Buhari had refused to lodge in the house he stayed in the last time he went to London so he is having a difficult time locating his current whereabouts.

He captioned his post as: Dear citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria who are based in London,

#HarassBuhariOutofLondon needs your help. Since arriving London yesterday, Buhari has avoided Abuja House for fear of being harassed out of London. Please help us smoke him out. As you go about your daily activities, keep an eye out for him and report his location to us by reaching us on social media with the above hashtag.

Do your civic duty and let us chase this irresponsible tyrant back home to go and build hospitals for our people. If he has $1.9 billion to build a railway for his first cousins in Niger Republic at our expense, he definitely has more than enough money to build hospitals for ordinary Nigerians.

Thank you and may God bless you!

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His post sparked some reactions from fans.

lordnelsonrichman: Yasss no rest for evil bubu here in the UK💪

thegr7muller: Boss well said because this animal in agbada no get sense at all

king_owonikoko: Good 👏

iamayodeofficial: Imagine the president of a country came to another country for treatment and then hidden himself in an Ant-hole 🕳 to avoid his citizens.. Buhari is a real Alaparutu 😂😂