Recent Update On Npower And Nasims Regarding Payment Today 3rd October 2023

Recent update on Npower and Nasims regarding payment today 3rd October 2023 can be accessed below.


In today’s update, NaijaOnPoint Nigeria will delve into the recent updates on Npower and Nasims regarding payments as of October 3rd, 2023. The Npower program is a vital initiative aimed at empowering Nigerian youths and alleviating poverty. However, concerns have arisen regarding unpaid stipends and the overall management of the program. We will explore the latest developments, Minister Betta Edu’s commitment to addressing these issues, and the potential changes in the Npower program.

Unpaid Npower Stipends: A Concern Raised

Npower beneficiaries have been vocal about their frustrations regarding unpaid stipends. These stipends serve as a crucial source of income for many participants, and delays can cause significant financial strain. The persistence of this issue has raised concerns among beneficiaries, leading to calls for action.

Minister Betta Edu Commitment

Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Dr. Betta Edu, has reassured Npower beneficiaries of her unwavering commitment to improving their experiences. Her primary goal is to bring smiles to the faces of these beneficiaries and create more opportunities for both existing participants and new applicants.


Backlog Payment and New Recruitment

One significant announcement from Minister Betta Edu is that once the backlog payments are settled, new recruitment will kick off. This news offers hope to unemployed Nigerians eager to join the Npower initiative. The new Minister of FMHAPA has confirmed that Npower’s outstanding payments will be made. They are in the process of revamping the program to benefit all beneficiaries and prospective applicants.

Key Highlights from Dr. Betta Edu’s Radio Nigeria Engagement

Here are some key highlights from Dr. Betta Edu’s recent engagement with Radio Nigeria:


Addressing Poverty Through Job Creation

Under President Bola Tinubu’s administration, the Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation Ministry aims to tackle poverty head-on by creating jobs and ensuring cash transfers reach impoverished Nigerians. Additionally, efforts will be made to engage the nutrition department and support micro, small, and medium enterprises.

Managing Humanitarian Crisis

Minister Betta Edu is determined to reduce and manage humanitarian crises in Nigeria more effectively. Her goal is to respond promptly to crises and permanently uplift the poorest of the poor from these dire situations.

Empowerment Programs Enhancement

Minister Betta Edu has committed to revamping and enhancing existing empowerment programs within the National Investment Programme. The aim is to make these programs more effective and inclusive, covering a broader spectrum of Nigerians.

Transparency in Palliative Disbursement

To ensure the transparent distribution of palliatives, independent monitors will be involved to guarantee that relief materials reach their intended recipients satisfactorily. The ministry also plans to send staff to all 774 local government areas to gather feedback and track the distribution technologically.

N-Power Stipend Delays Addressed

Addressing the persistent challenges of stipend delays in N-Power, Minister Betta Edu is committed to changing the payment modalities. This change aims to expedite stipend disbursements, include more beneficiaries, and relaunch the program with a renewed sense of hope.

Humanitarian Hubs Across Nigeria

The long-term vision of the Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation Ministry includes establishing humanitarian hubs across Nigeria. These hubs will host locally-produced commodities that will be sold at affordable rates to benefit Nigerian citizens.

5 Things That Might Happen When Npower Program Is Rejigged

As the current set of Npower beneficiaries’ terms come to an end by October 2023, several changes and developments are anticipated:

  1. The new Npower Management might exit batch B and clear their outstanding stipend payment.
  2. The New Npower management might begin recruiting a new batch of 2023 Npower volunteers.
  3. The stipend payment for Npower beneficiaries might be reviewed upward or downward to engage more beneficiaries.
  4. The agency under the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation overseeing the Npower programme and other NSIP Programme is the National Social Investment Programme Agency (NSIPA), managed by Mrs. Bulus.
  5. Since the new Administration is focusing on creating jobs through the digital economy, the Npower management might try to engage more Npower beneficiaries in that path.

At this stage, Npower beneficiaries are advised to be patient as the Ministry is rejiggering the programs under NSIP, to which Npower belongs. Payment might also be reviewed upward or downward to include more people in the programs.


In conclusion, Minister Betta Edu’s commitment to addressing the concerns of Npower beneficiaries and her vision for the program’s future holds promise for both current and prospective participants. The Nigerian government’s dedication to eradicating poverty and improving livelihoods remains steadfast.

For more information on Nexit opportunities and program updates, stay tuned for further announcements. The Npower self-service portal is now functioning correctly, allowing beneficiaries to validate their accounts and access necessary services.

For answers to specific questions, please refer to the FAQs section below.


  1. When will the backlog payments for Npower stipends be made?
    • The Ministry is actively working on clearing the backlog payments, and beneficiaries can expect to receive their stipends soon.
  2. Will there be a new recruitment for Npower beneficiaries?
    • Yes, once the backlog payments are settled, new recruitment for Npower beneficiaries will commence.
  3. Is there a possibility of an increase in stipend payments for Npower beneficiaries?
    • The stipend payments may be reviewed, either upward or downward, to accommodate more beneficiaries.
  4. Who oversees the Npower program and other NSIP programs within the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation?
    • The National Social Investment Programme Agency (NSIPA), managed by Mrs. Bulus, is responsible for overseeing the Npower program and other NSIP programs.
  5. What can Npower beneficiaries expect in terms of job opportunities and engagement in the digital economy?
    • The new Npower management is focusing on creating jobs through the digital economy, and efforts will be made to engage more beneficiaries in that path. Further details will be provided in due course.