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Real Madrid Is Waiting For The Varane Agents To Bring An Offer After Having Put Off The Renewal

Once the departure of Zidane and the arrival of Ancelotti to the bench, the renewals of Modric and Lucas Vázquez and the signing of Alaba have been announced, it is time for Real Madrid to get on with the departures section, a burning point of this summer.

The white team has 30 chips for the 2021-22 course (Mayoral and Reinier aside; both are still in Rome and Borussia, respectively, another year) and must lighten weight and, incidentally, salary mass.

Finding assignments will not be a problem, every summer dozens of offers in this regard arrive at the club, but the white objective is to make transfers with which to fill the box, which goes through low hours. And in that section there is a name that surpasses the rest, by far: Raphael Varane.

The white center-back has been putting off Real Madrid’s renewal offers for months. His contract expires on June 30, 2022, that is, this would be his last season in white if there is no extension of his contract.

During the first attempts at negotiation, Varane’s agents did not respond to Madrid’s proposals; Later they did, requesting a substantial salary increase for the central defender that does not fit in the moment the club is going through right now. The player has barely spoken, he left an enigmatic phrase in a press conference before a Champions League duel: “This is not the time to talk about that, but my future is clear …”.

They believe in Real Madrid that Varane’s intention is to leave the team, as it would not be new either; He already considered that idea during the 2018-19 season, but Zidane’s return in the final stretch of that course made him change his mind. Not surprisingly, it was Zizou who recommended his signing from Lens in 2011, when he was just 18 years old, in exchange for 10 million euros. But the idea was left behind and now Madrid knows that this summer is the last in which it will be able to get a good amount for the French. Of course, the idea of ​​the entity is not to promote the sale of the player in the market, because that would devalue its price first; They trust that it is Varane, given their reluctance to renew, the one who brings a sufficient offer to Madrid.

With the defender’s current contract ending in just over a year, Madrid know that this is the last chance to get a good amount for its sale, which would alleviate Madrid’s accounts, very touched by the coronavirus pandemic. Varane is, along with Casemiro, the most valuable Real Madrid player of the white squad, according to Transfermarkt: he is worth 70 million euros ; for BeSoccer’s calculations, that value drops to 44.1 million. Both amounts, in any case, very estimable and that would help alleviate the cash pressure in the white club. There is also the option that Varane prefers to end his contract and leave for free in 2022, which would provide him with a large transfer bonus at that time, butin Madrid they hope that this is not the case and that their agents will send serious offers soon.

Ramos depends on Varane

Many things depend on his departure from Madrid or not in the white team. Starting with Sergio Ramos, whose renewal is still stalled, with the contract that joins him to Madrid expiring on June 30. If the club resolves Varane’s departure soon, it will be more inclined to make one last offer to the Sevillian with which to try to iron out the differences (which lie in the years of the contract: Madrid gives one and Beds want two). If the sale of Varane is not resolved quickly and Ramos ends up certifying his departure from Madrid, the white team would be left with only Alaba, Militao and Nacho for those two positions.

The idea of ​​the club is to enhance the figure of Militao, for which it paid 50 million euros and whose end of the season has begun to justify the investment , with a veteran like Alaba at his side and Nacho, the man for everything, competing with both in equal conditions.

If Varane leaves and Ramos does not extend his contract, the fourth central position would be open, with several possibilities: it could be Vallejo, who returns from his loan at Granada, or Víctor Chust, from Castilla, who this past season already debuted with the first team and left a good feeling.

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