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The Eastern region of Zambia had its peace swept away yesterday by a school pupil who snatched a teacher’s wife.

Mekelani Banda, a grade 12 pupil at a secondary school in Petauke, was asked to appear before the court and explain why of all things he piled the guts to snatch teacher’s wife.

The 19 year old after appearing before the court said:

He did not snatch anyone’s wife. He further told the court that Mirriam was his girlfriend even after Mr. Chilufya, who is currently his teacher, was posted at his school in his village.

“Mirriam ni munda wanga,” he sobbed uncontrollably.

With tears, Mekelani explained how much he suffered to pay user fees for Mirriam before she dropped out of school.

“At times I could dodge class just to go and do piece works for the sake of her”

And last year I was only told that a teacher from copper belt has married the only woman I have ever loved.

It happened so fast, I don’t know why copper belt men cannot just see a young beautiful girl and leave her alone.

Your honor, I accepted my fate and tried to move on and concentrate on my studies. I couldn’t compete with a graduate!

But after learning that Mr Chilufya is an irresponsible man who only thinks about himself, I decided to get my woman back.

Mr Chilufya has no time for Mirriam, he handles close to ten classes because our school only has 7 teachers who teach from grade 1 to 12.

Five are males and 2 female teachers who are seemingly the oldest in the village.

He comes back from school very late and rarely touches his wife. Sometimes it’s workshop after workshop.

On the weekends, instead of spending quality time with his wife his priority his betting cash “monga ni ofunta”.

“I think he has issues to sort out with his brain.”

When she complains about it, he shouts at her and a nice beating concludes the scene.

“Iwe grade 9 drop out shut it!” these are his words members of the jury whenever Mirriam complains.

Your honor, I had to rescue the love of my life and I don’t care if they expel me from school after all graduates are begging us for some work on the farm here in Petauke.

The case became even more delicate when Mr Chilufya told the court that Mekelani has been taking advantage of his wife whenever he is busy with school related work.

Yesterday, the matter could not be solved as hell broke loose in the court when the named teacher tried to take the law in his hands.

The case has been adjourned and the two rivals are expected to appear before the magistrate court in the next hearing in April.

(Chipata Times)


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