Propagation of Non-Muslim Faiths Limited in Malaysia


10/08/2021 Malaysia (International Christian Concern) – In the latest move to restrict the propagation of non-Muslim faiths, the Malaysian government is planning to table two bills in the Parliament.

When asked by a concerned parliamentarian Fong Kui Lun that the bills will infringe on religious freedom enshrined in the Federal Constitution, the minister in charge of Islamic affairs, Idris Ahmad, gave his assurance that the bills will only apply to Muslims.

 “The bill to restrict the propagation of non-Islamic religions will only be enforced on Muslims. Non-Muslims are free to propagate their faiths among themselves,” said the minister, according to Free Malaysia Today.

He stressed that these bills do not involve the non-Muslims as they only focus on Muslims. These bills, he believes, will not pave the way to discrimination and the “Talibanization of Malaysia.”

Both bills are expected to be presented in the Parliament this year. Technical committees have been formed to fine-tune them to be in line with the Constitution and Sharia laws.

The proposals will be presented to the state governments in a series of meetings from Oct 12 to 14.

Islam is considered the state religion of Malaysia. All ethnic Malays are assumed to be Muslims and any conversion has to be approved by the Islamic authorities. The latest proposals to enact these bills will legally restrict non-Muslim believers to share their faith with Muslims.

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