Premier League Have Announced That They Will Be Making Changes To The VAR For Next Seasons

They are marginal offside, delaying the offside flag and what contact should be deemed to be a foul.

As expected, changes have been made to VAR for the start of the new season. The technology has changed the game so it is understandable that changes are made as time goes by.

The Premier League have decided that they will be less strict on marginal offside, raising the flag and on what contact constitutes a foul.

On tight offsides, the plan is put the attacking and defensive lines as usual for broadcasters, but if the lines touch, it will be considered “onside”. The league say that would have meant 20 goals last season would have been given.” Furthermore, the process of how offside is calculated will no longer be shown on the screens. Only the end result will be shown as in the rest of Europe.

On assistants raising the flags, it has been decided that sometimes the assistants were waiting too long to delay the flag. They will still delay the flag if an immediate and obvious goalscoring opportunity is developing, but if the attacker is going down the wing, the flag will go up straightaway.

Finally, the threshold will be raised when it comes to VARs intervening when it comes to fouls. Small contacts will not be punished by the VAR. There has to be “clear and proper” contact.

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