“Pregnancy won’t deter me” -Pregnant Laura Ikeji rubbishes Iyabo Ojo over their messy fight in RHOL

iyabo laura ikeji

At the conclusion of the popular SHOWMAX series Real Housewives of Lagos (RHOL) Season 2, pregnant Laura Ikeji took to social media to accuse Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo of bullying and disrespecting her.

Laura Ikeji, a fashion entrepreneur and influencer, expressed her displeasure with the ongoing feud, revealing that this was not the first time they had clashed.

She claimed that there had been fights in the previous season, for which she had repeatedly apologised, attributing the tension to an age difference and her admiration for Iyabo Ojo.

Laura, on the other hand, claimed that her respect for the actress had dwindled to zero and that she was retracting all previous apologies.

She promised to show a different side of herself that Iyabo Ojo had allegedly provoked.

Laura Ikeji went on to say that she had lost all respect for Iyabo Ojo and issued a stern warning, stating that if she ever returned for Season 3, she would show a more assertive side.

She stressed that she would not be pregnant at the time and would not be afraid of confrontation, referring to an incident in which Iyabo Ojo allegedly raised a bottle during the RHOL Season 2 finale.

In her own words;

“Initially I didn’t understand the dislike, she explained in Dubai last year and I apologize, she brought it up again and I apologize, kept on apologizing oooo, same way the other lady apologized to her for something I didn’t even think needed an apology. We all did that cause of the age gap and very much the respect we had for her. We are Africans we are very respectful.

Funny thinf is that I used to really like her. This i communicated severally. I attended her event, stayed so late, even though I wanted to leave I didn’t want her to complain. I stayed there till after midnight but she still disliked me? Lol.

But all that gone, like I said in the show I have 0 respect for you. You don’t like me, I have the utmost dislike for you and you will see that if I ever return for season 3. I will show you the crazy side if me you have been evoking.

I wont be pregnant, I won’t shy away from the bottle you carried at the finale. We will fight till one of us can’t fight anymore.N like I told you I have withdrawn all my apologies hun. N next time you want to fight a pregnant woman come correct, leave the noise. Peace and love.”

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