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Portronics Luxcell Series power banks with fast charging launched

Portronics Luxcell series power banks

Portronics, a leading accessories brand, has a new range of Luxcell Series power banks that come with 10000 and 20000mAh capacities, featuring an ultra-compact body, semi-transparent design, BIS certification, and fast charging.

The series includes five new power banks, namely: Portronics Luxcell Wireless 10K, Luxcell Bind 10K, Luxcell Mini 20K, Luxcell Mini 10K, and Luxcell 10K.

Portronics Luxcell Mini 10K and Luxcell Mini 20K Powerbanks

Luxcell Mini 10K

The Luxcell Mini 10K and 20K are compact power banks featuring a premium body and a partially transparent design, weighing just around 175g and 312g, respectively. These are equipped with a Mach USB Type-A (22.5W) and Type-C PD 3.0 (20W) port for simultaneous charging of two devices. There’s also an LED battery indicator that can be seen through a classy transparent chassis.

Luxcell Mini 10K 20K

Portronics Luxcell Wireless 10K Powerbank

Portronics Luxcell Wireless 10K

Luxcell Wireless 10K is a BIS-certified wireless charging power band that supports 15W Magsafe wireless charging for Qi-enabled devices, which include the iPhone 12 (and later), Samsung S series, and Google Pixel series, to name a few. It has two ports, a Mach USB and a Type-C port, with the ability to charge up to three devices simultaneously with a maximum output of 22.5W. The device comes with a Type-C cable and can be fully charged through its Type-C port.

Portronics Luxcell Wireless 10K features

Portronics Luxcell Bind 10K & Luxcell 10K Powerbanks
Luxcell Bind 10K
Luxcell Bind 10K

The other two power banks, Luxcell Bind 10K and Luxcell 10K, feature a similar design and feature 22.5W fast-charging support, compatibility with iPhones, Android smartphones, tablets, speakers, etc.

Luxcell 10K

The Luxcell Bind 10K comes with two built-in cables: a Type C and an 8-pin cable. Besides this, it also has a Mach USB Type-A connector, allowing a user to charge three devices simultaneously. Luxcell 10K supports charging of two devices via its Mach USB Type-A and Type-C PD ports and has BIS certification for protection against short circuits, current surges, and voltage surges.

Pricing and Availability

The new Luxcell Series of power banks comes in various colors including yellow, ivory white, dark grey, and dark blue colors. The pricing is as follows:

  • Luxcell Wireless 10K – Rs. 1399
  • Luxcell Bind 10K – Rs. 1249
  • Luxcell Mini 20K – Rs. 1799
  • Luxcell Mini 10K – Rs. 1149
  • Luxcell 10K – Rs. 1099

These are available on the company’s official website,,, and other online and offline stores. The company also offers a 12-month warranty for all the models.