Pixel 8 Pro could get two promised camera features soon

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During the Pixel 8 Pro launch, Google showed off two camera features that were shown off, but were not available from the get-go. We’re talking about Zoom Enhance (though the tipster referred to it as ‘AI Super Zoom’) and Video Boost here.

Google promised two additional Pixel 8 Pro camera features during launch, and they’re coming this month, it seems

Those features were expected to arrive at a later date, during a Pixel Feature Drop or something of the sort. Well, it seems like they’re coming this month, at least according to info shared by Max Weinbach.

He seems to hint that the features will roll out with the Pixel Feature Drop, as expected. The Pixel 8 series is very into AI features as is, and these two features will make that even more true for the ‘Pro’ model.

What are these two features about? Well, the Zoom Enhance will basically use generative AI to sharpen the details in the zoomed-in version of photos you’ve taken beforehand. Video Boost, on the other hand, will basically send a copy of your video to the cloud, where Google will use computational photography models to improve it. It aims to improve the lighting, colors, reduce grain, and so forth.

These two features will be exclusive to the ‘Pro’ model

These two features will, for whatever reason, be exclusive to the Pixel 8 Pro. The regular Pixel 8 model will not get them, unfortunately. There seems to be no reason for that, at least looking at its hardware. Google seemingly decided that the ‘Pro’ model will get those features, and that’s it. The company probably wanted to further differentiate it.

Now, do note that Google did not mention anything about a December availability. During the Pixel 8 launch event, the company simply said that they’re “coming later”. A December Pixel Feature Drop seems to be the perfect time for that, however, and the tipster seems to know something we don’t.